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Christian Dalhuizen


Senior BIM consultant


From promising start-ups to construction leaders around the world, Christian Dalhuizen aims to use his 25+ years of experience in digital construction to drive the value of BIM and software solutions. As a seasoned BIM consultant and subject matter expert, he has helped set up effective and integrated workflows for big names and large construction projects. You might have seen him in one of his acclaimed webinars, inspiring thousands of professionals with developments and innovation.

 What to expect during the event

Digital construction projects can present some challenges when the collaborative aspect is neglected. In order to assist companies in creating a seamless process from design, engineering through construction, BIMcollab solves a wide range of challenges.

Improved team performance
From the cloud based platform, stakeholders on project are better informed, can collaborate on issues and check and validate BIM geometry and data. From finding clashes in models, to exchanging issues and model quantities. BIMcollab offers a fluid and effective workflow that is already adopted by construction leaders in the UK and worldwide.

Better BIM model quality
No longer do you need to worry about endless manual re-checking of BIM models and hope that clashes in BIM models are adequately processed. BIMcollab ZOOM, runs clash detection on BIM models with easily deployable company standard rules or specific EIR, and reports resulting conflicts easily to the Cloud based issue management platform. BIMcollab also offers the best integrations with all major BIM tools to ensure a compete end – to end workflow.

Revised models will interact with BIMcollab’s Smart Issue technology, providing instant feedback on clashes solved or remaining. Updates to issues are instantly visible and can be automatically updated on status, issue viewpoints and more.

Clear insight in KPI’s
BIMcollab is used for much more than only design reviews. Issue data can be processed on other platforms such as PowerBI to analyse KPI’s and make informed data driven decisions. For modelling insight, quantity take-off can be generated and shared with other in an instant.

Future of BIMcollab
As BIMcollab is a continuously evolving platform, we also want to provide insights to upcoming features and strategy with focus on broadening the scope of how teams consume BIM and project information moving forward.

Learning points:
• Boost team performance on construction projects
• Clash tracking
• Collecting and sharing metrics in projects
• Technology preview and future goals

Driving BIM quality and collaboration in construction projects: Today and tomorrow.

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