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Pinnacle Infotech Solutions

Assistant General Manager


With over 18+ years of extensive experience in the construction industry, Chandan Sutradhar is an expert BIM/VDC Engineer specializing in Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Projects. Currently serving as the Assistant General Manager at Pinnacle, he heads the client services division. Chandan�s impressive portfolio includes iconic projects worldwide, spanning various sectors such as Commercial, Residential, Airports, Stadiums, and Mixed-use developments.

 What to expect during the event

A process in which a 4D model (3D models with the added dimension of time) is utilized to effectively plan the phased occupancy in a renovation, retrofit, or addition, or to show the construction sequence and space requirements on a building site. 4D modeling is a powerful visualization and communication tool that can give a project team, including the owner, a better understanding of project milestones and construction plans.

Better understanding of the construction phasing schedule by the owner
Integrate planning of human, equipment, and material resources
Tracking each activity remotely by the owner
Increased productivity and decreased waste on job sites

From Paper to Progress: Streamlining Construction Monitoring with Digital Tools

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