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Cesar Escalante


Architecture Technical Evangelist - BSM Technical Marketing Manager


I am a registered Architect with extensive experience leveraging architecture and design technologies in the AEC industry. I hold a deep expertise managing, implementing, and supporting all facets of BIM administration, mobile and cloud technology, and project management systems. I played an instrumental role in developing and managing successful workflows for multi-discipline coordination of large, technically complex, multi-million dollar projects. I provide recognized leadership at the forefront of BIM technologies, and am a passionate educator.

 What to expect during the event

Architecture offers various career paths, among them the trending Design Technology. This session will be presented by subject matter experts who possess both design and technology expertise. True unicorns in our industry. Technology is often perceived as a disruptor, when in reality it is revolutionizing our industry, bringing innovation and resilience. There is a noticeable gap, among emerging professionals, in this area of our practice. Our profession not only relies on good designers but also on good designers who are savvy in cutting-edge design technology. This session will address how technology plays a crucial role in transforming your practice. Hear it directly from the multi-cultural voices of leadership in this subject.

Voices of Design Technology Leadership

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