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Cesar Cid B. Arch

Svatek | TheBIMFactory MX

Chief Operating Officer | BIM Manager

C�sar Cid is an accomplished architect and BIM Manager, specializing in Sustainable Architectural Urban Design from Tecnol�gico de Quer�taro. With certifications in BIM Modeling and BIM Management from Graphisoft, and a diploma in Real Estate Finance from iExpert, C�sar has significantly advanced the adoption of BIM technologies internationally. He has developed execution protocols for BIM implementations and provided consultancy, training, and project coordination services to clients across Mexico, the United States, and Europe.
An enthusiastic renderer and Archicad Power User, C�sar has also created specialized BIM software courses for private clients and institutions, including UNAM andarchitectural associations in Mexico. He is an active member of the Graphisoft and Twinmotion communities, where he has been a finalist in various challenges. C�sar's professional goal is to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration to increase efficiency, profitability, and sustainability in client projects. Outside of work, he is passionate about photography, music, and outdoor activities.

 What to expect during the event

In the dynamic field of urban development, designing vertical mixed-use projects that meet stringent financial and regulatory standards presents a complex challenge. "From Concept to Compliance: Vertical Project Design with Archicad" introduces groundbreaking methods for integrating innovative software tools to turn these challenges into opportunities for creativity and efficiency.

This presentation delves into the application of Archicad�s new Design Options tool and other software features to create specialized workflows for vertical developments. These tools facilitate adherence to critical financial and regulatory requirements while enhancing the design process, enabling dynamic exploration of alternatives and providing immediate compliance feedback.

Join us for a live demonstration of designing a small-scale vertical project, showcasing how Archicad merges aesthetics with effective data management. This approach not only ensures projects are compliant but also pushes the boundaries of design innovation.

Whether you�re an architect, developer, or regulator, this presentation will equip you with practical insights into leveraging your design process in the evolving urban landscape. Prepare to be inspired by practical solutions that optimize project viability and vision.


From Concept to Compliance: Vertical Project Design with Archicad

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