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Brian Skripac

Design-Build Institute of America

Director, Virtual Design & Construction

As Director of Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), Brian is responsible for shaping how VDC brings optimal benefits to design-build’s “whole team” approach to project delivery. Brian is a Digital Construction innovator with nearly 20 years of leadership defining how people, processes and technology come together to transform collaborative project delivery. In addition, he leads the creation and advancement of best practices related to the integration of BIM-enabled technologies and other innovative digital tools to enhance design-build team performance and while generating significant benefits for projects across the built environment.

 What to expect during the event

In 2023, why is sharing a BIM still such a debated issue in project delivery? Certainly, the traditional contractual silos of Design-Bid-Build play a role as compared to Design-Build, but if the efficiencies provide by BIM and VDC are so well documented, why are project teams still reluctant to share models without lengthy disclaimers that amount to nothing more than statements of “you can use it for reference, but you can’t rely any on it?” This session will provide insight about how design/construction technologies can be merged with project delivery to bridge the gap of the risk avoidance issues the industry faces by embracing collaboration and reducing model redundancies to mitigate overall project risk which can be driven by the early engagement of a VDC Leader who can enable successful collaborative project outcomes while focusing on risk management rather than avoidance.

Unpacking BIM Sharing/Risk Stigmas Between Designers and Builders

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