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Biruk Mulu Alemu

Wolkite University

Head of Civil Engineering Department


My name is Biruk Mulu Alemu. I am Equipped with a Civil Engineering degree from Arba Minch University and a Master's in Road and Transport Engineering from Addis Ababa University. I am senior Lecturer at Wolkite University Civil engineering department and working as head currently. Experienced with all stages of the construction and design development cycle for dynamic projects. Well-versed in numerous Civil Engineering soft wares including SAP, MX-Road, AutoCAD, Eagle point, Inroads, Revit, Navisworks manage. Strong background in project management and customer relations.

 What to expect during the event

Abstract Title: Building Better Together: Optimizing BIM in Ethiopia
Abstract Body:

As Ethiopia's construction sector experiences rapid growth, BIM coordination becomes an essential tool for ensuring successful project delivery. This presentation explores practical strategies and best practices tailored for the Ethiopian context, considering:

Capacity Building: Equipping BIM professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate complex models and implement effective coordination workflows.
Standardization and Collaboration: Developing standardized protocols and fostering collaboration between local and international stakeholders for seamless communication.
Technology for Efficiency: Leveraging BIM tools that are accessible and efficient within the Ethiopian IT infrastructure.
This interactive session caters to BIM coordinators, modelers, architects, engineers, and construction professionals in Ethiopia and throughout the world.

-Implement adaptable BIM workflows for successful project delivery in any location.
-Facilitate seamless collaboration on projects i
-Optimize BIM technology for efficiency considering resource constraints

Building Better Together: Optimizing BIM in Ethiopia

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