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Billel Dridi

Bureau Veritas Group

BIM Manager/Digital and Transformation Lead


Bureau Veritas Middle East Digital Transformation Lead/BIM Manager. Architectural Engineer with more than 15 years of experience between Design management, Project Management, and BIM Management also have experience in Heritage building conservation using 3D laser scanner (FARO,LEICA,TRIMBLE X7),Autodesk certified Professional (ACP) ,Certified PMP, Can-BIM membership, BIM dictionary Arabic language editor, StreamBIM Product Implementation Mena Region Manager., Trimble connect Ambassador and Professional trainer ,BIM-Arabia Lecturer, Master dual degree in Global BIM Management, Barcelona University,BreAcademy Certified Information Manager,CanBIM AL1 CertifIcate,PHD Candidate from University of Derby UK.

 What to expect during the event

This presentation illuminates the powerful integration of Takt planning, Building Information Modelling (BIM), and Lean Management in optimizing project delivery. We highlight how Takt planning, adapted from manufacturing to construction management, works seamlessly with BIM to enhance project visibility and control. Lean Management principles further bolster this synergy, driving efficiency, and value maximization. Through this exploration, we aim to reveal practical strategies for transforming project delivery using these integrated methodologies.

The Synergy of Takt Planning and BIM in Lean Management: A Key to Optimized Project Delivery

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