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Anthony Nzoka

BIM Manager

ATKINS, Member of the SNC-Lavalin Group


An Engineer and a Digital Transformation enthusiast with experience in implementing various digital transformation initiatives in multi-discipline projects across different global markets. Excellent reputation in Information Management to international information management standards (ISO 19650), multi-discipline design collaboration and coordination in multifaceted projects from concept to delivery. Involved in the implementation of the Global design Framework for project delivery standardization, various digital tools and spearheading BIM taskforces through training, representation in BIM roundtables, digital transformation and construction conferences.

 What to expect during the event

Quality assurance begins with the single discipline and multi-disciplinary steps of the BIM model sharing process. Fundamental to the quality assurance process for BIM Model sharing as part of information management is the creation of evidence of the checking that has taken place. To support additional quality audit processes beyond the scope of the ISO 19650, it is critical that such evidence is complete and that it is accessible to support onward reviews and finalize client deliverables. This affirmation of evidence completion and availability ensures an efficient quality audit can be conducted and that the delivery is ultimately meeting the Project Information Standard. This is carried out by extracting quality assurance data from the BIM Models to ascertain Model health, proper coordination, accuracy of design data (geometrical and non-geometrical) and data driven design management through automation, data breakdown and analytics with key performance indicators aligned to the Project Information requirements

Model Performance assessment and data analytics for data driven decision making throughout project lifecycle

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