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Altaf Ganihar


Founder & CEO


Altaf Ganihar: Founder & CEO at Snaptrude

Altaf Ganihar is the visionary Founder and CEO of Snaptrude, a modern, collaborative 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool on the cloud. Under his leadership, Snaptrude has become a pioneer in transforming design authoring in a cloud-first environment, securing over $22 million in investments from prestigious venture capital firms like Accel and Foundamental.

With a robust research background in computer graphics and geometry processing, Altaf has contributed significantly to the field, boasting over ten international research publications and multiple patents in computer graphics, geometry, and computer vision. He led the India Digital Heritage (IDH) project, where his team developed a workflow to digitize cultural heritage sites, successfully digitizing the UNESCO world heritage site of Hampi in India.

Altaf brings over eight years of experience at the intersection of architecture, construction, and technology. He has developed numerous tools and workflows to enhance efficiency in design-construction processes, solidifying his reputation as a leader in the industry.

 What to expect during the event

The (AEC) industry has long been perceived as resistant to technological change. In this talk, I will share my observations on the current status quo of technology within the AEC industry, highlighting the barriers and opportunities for innovation. I will delve into the entrepreneurial journey of creating Snaptrude, exploring the trials, triumphs, and lessons learned in transforming a vision into a successful venture.

Furthermore, I will predict and demonstrate how the future of design authoring is set to evolve in a cloud-first world. The shift to cloud computing is not merely a change in tools but a fundamental transformation in how we approach design workflows. This transformation opens up unprecedented possibilities for collaboration, automation, and creativity in the AEC industry. The move to a cloud first ecosystem will enable scalable compute and help leverage AI that is specific to the AEC industry to drive efficiencies in the process and the outcomes. This session will provide a forward-looking perspective on how embracing cloud-based solutions can drive the future of design authoring, ultimately reshaping the AEC landscape.

1. Current tech status in AEC: barriers and opportunities.
2. Future of design authoring with cloud computing and workflow transformation.
3. Efficiency gains using scalable compute and AI in AEC.

Cloud x Compute: Future of design authoring?

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