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Ali Masha


Director and Tech Lead


Ali is the founder of a BIM consultancy company in 2018 providing BIM, Digital Engineering and Tech services for industry leaders in Australia. With his civil Engineering B.S. and construction management M.S. academic background and work experience as the BIM manager of 1st ranked builder in Australia, Hutchinson builders, he established a company to implement best-practice BIM and DE workflows in the construction industry.

 What to expect during the event

AEC companies face many challenges in BIM and technology adoption. An infinite list of required skills in BIM job advertisements and high pressure on BIM professionals distress companies and employees in managing BIM and technology implementation. Whic result in poor quality of BIM services delivery far from the latest best practices. 1- Cost of low budget in BIM departments. 2-How can BIM startups help with better managing human resources and quality of delivery. 3- Best practices for companies and corporations to implement BIM and technology in their projects.

BIM startups to implement best practices in the construction industry

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