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Alfonso Monedero

Heatherwick studio

Head of BIM


Alfonso is an architect leading BIM implementation at the award-winning, London-based multi-discipline Heatherwick Studio. Having worked as Project Architect and Head of Design in a leading practice in Chile, Alfonso decided to move to a more technical role after observing how technology skills, or the lack of them, influence and limit design creativity and affect project outcome.

With experience working internationally in Spain, India, Chile and UK, Alfonso started collaborating with Heatherwick studio in 2015 as a BIM Consultant, and then moved to Woods Bagot (London) to work as Design Technology Manager.

In 2018 he re-joined Heatherwick Studio to continue BIM implementation. Since then the studio has achieved a digital transformation in the BIM department becoming one of the industry leaders in its sector. His goal is to embed BIM in the design phase without limiting or hindering the design process.

 What to expect during the event

At Heatherwick studio we always put the design process first, it is the core of what we do and what inspire us most is to influence the way people live the spaces we design and surround us. We are always looking for new tools (either digital or physical) and processes (either manual or automated) that can help us reach to a better outcome.

During the past decade, the studio has suffered a fundamental change in the way we integrate the digital side with the design teams. We have transitioned from a studio where individual skills were driving the digital usage, to an integrated approach and strategic thinking in the manner we test and implement tools and software in the project environment.

During this presentation we will show how the studio is organised nowadays, with its 3 core digital domains, Immersive Media, Ge-Code and BIM, being fundamental in every project we take on-board. As opposition to other important practices where these domains, along with some others, are collated under the umbrella of a Design Technology or Digital Design department, at Heatherwick we decided to keep them separated but working together to be able to reach broader and deeper in our own specialisms.

Learn how to put processes first and use digital innovation to solve existing problems
See how a design practice embraces digital innovation without losing its essence
Create a digital strategy to tackle different phases of the design process

Digital transformation at Heatherwick studio

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