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Alaa El Kabbany

BIM Manager

Freelancer BIM Manager,XDarGroup


Egyptian Architect, interested in learning and development. Working using Revit Architecture since 2010. My experience has grown through 12 years practicing, exploring and guiding now. Interested in VR using BIM as well; while conducted various VR introductory presentations. Working on Mega BIM projects as a BIM specialist & manager; enriched my skills, awareness and experience through passing by different BIM uses and industry practices.

 What to expect during the event

Historic Buildings consist of several architecture building elements that could be considered as repetitive. Modeling those elements would vary on their complexity level from simple to complex; Arches, Domes, Vaults, Capitals, Cornices, Bays, Columns, Pediments, Keystones...etc The consideration to create a base families library at our office is as important as the creation of the special building types libraries that could on another level require dedicated time and effort Creating a library of Parametric Heritage Families would help in simplifying the modeling process for its type projects The presentation is a process modeling for a selective elements using different ways of creation; showing the difference between each method and when to use each.

Historic Building Families

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