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Ahmet Ekrem Celikel

BIM Manager

Kingspan Light+Air

Ahmet Ekrem Celikel is a seasoned professional in the AEC sector with over 8 years of experience, specializing in digital construction management and BIM. As a civil engineer by profession, Ahmet holds a master’s degree in construction engineering and management from Bogazici University in Istanbul. With his comprehensive understanding of BIM methodologies and best practices, Ahmet has played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of BIM on large and complex projects in various levels.

Recently, Ahmet is demonstrating his skills by assuming managing roles in projects involving digitalization for design, manufacturing, and overall project delivery in Kingspan Light+Air’s Strategic Projects Team, a global supplier for energy-efficient buildings. By embracing innovative technologies and their integration into project workflows, he is committed to enhancing project outcomes and add value to the organization.

His contributions to the field extend beyond the professional sector, he is a dedicated long-term contributor to the renowned BIM4Turkey organization, actively promoting the adoption and advancement of BIM practices in the industry.

 What to expect during the event

By seamlessly integrating digital construction technologies throughout the entire project lifecycle, organizations can streamline processes, foster collaboration, and achieve unprecedented levels of productivity.

This presentation will explore the strategic implementation of digital tools within the realm of BIM, focusing on digital-supported manufacturing and integration of various building parts across large scale projects, also look into how design automation and digital workflows can optimize manufacturing output, provide efficient design development, ensure precise manufacturing, and facilitate efficient construction practices overall.

Successful case studies will be highlighted to demonstrate how utilizing these technologies make a better project delivery possible from a product supplier and engineering perspective. Additionally, attendees will gain valuable insights into the benefits of data-driven project management, supply chain optimization, and enhanced communication among project stakeholders.

From Product Design to Manufacturing and Construction: Streamlining Digital Workflows

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