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Ahmed Zakzouk

Autodesk / Dresden University of Technology

Solution Architect / PhD Researcher


Ahmed is an AEC Informatics Specialist and has over 8 years of international experience in the AEC Tech Industry from both Construction and Software Companies, ranging from different roles between Computational BIM and AEC Software Development from prestigious construction companies in Europe such as HOCHTIEF and IMPLENIA as well as prestigious AEC Software companies such as RIB and lastly AUTODESK, where he is currently working as a Solution Architect. He has also an Interdisciplinary Academic Profile, started from Architectural Background in the Bachelor Phase from Alexandria University, moved to Engineering Informatics in the Post Graduate Studies from Information Technology Institute (ITI), and got a Master of Science in Integrated Engineering Design in Construction from Cairo University. He is also a PhD researcher at the Institute of Construction Informatics at Dresden University of Technology in Germany. He is interested in Technologies such as CAD, BIM, GIS, IOT, AR/VR, AI, Cloud Technologies, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, and their applications in the construction industry.

 What to expect during the event

The presentation will show the progress of an ongoing PhD Research in Construction Informatics focusing on enabling Brain-Controlled Smart Homes.
Learn about the possibilities of the brain-computer-interface technology, and how it can be adopted in smart home control with the help of digital twin systems.
The audience shall expect to learn about building digital twin application for smart home control, brain-computer-interface utilization in smart home control, and the future of asset management with these cutting-edge technologies.

Brain-Controlled Smart Homes

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