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Ahmed Zakzouk


Senior Solution Architect


As a Solution Architect at Autodesk, Ahmed helps customers design and implement custom solutions based on Autodesk products, especially cloud solutions based on Autodesk Platform Services. He has over 8 years of experience in the AEC Tech industry, working for both construction and software companies such as HOCHTIEF, Implenia, RIB, and Autodesk. He is proficient in CAD, BIM, GIS, IoT, AR/VR, AI, Cloud Technologies, and Business Intelligence.

Ahmed is also pursuing a PhD in Construction Informatics at TU Dresden, where he researches adaptive and performative building components. His research focuses on creating brain-controlled and energy-efficient smart homes, using technologies such as Brain-Computer Interfaces, Digital Twins, and Reinforcement Learning. He has published his work in reputable journals and conferences, and received multiple awards and honors for his academic achievements. He holds a Master's degree in Integrated Engineering Design in Construction, a Postgraduate Diploma in AEC Informatics, and a Bachelor's degree in Architecture. He is fluent in English, German, and Arabic.

 What to expect during the event

The objective of this session is to introduce Autodesk Platform Services (APS) to AEC Tech professionals and provide an overview of the different use cases, APIs, and capabilities of the APS platform. The session aims to educate the audience on how they can leverage APS to enhance their current workflows and projects.
� Introduction to Autodesk Platform Services - what is APS and its relevance to AEC Tech professionals.
� Overview of the different APS APIs - an introduction to the various APIs available within the APS platform, including the Design Automation API, Model Derivative API, and Viewer API.
� Use cases - exploring different use cases where APS has been implemented, including data management, project collaboration, and BIM automation.
� Capabilities of APS - demonstrating how APS can be used to enhance current workflows and projects, including the ability to automate repetitive tasks, integrate with other tools, and improve collaboration across project teams.
� Q&A - a chance for the audience to ask questions and seek clarification on any aspects of APS covered in the session.

Learn APS APIs , Naviagate APS API's , Examples of APS Apps

How to become an Autodesk Platform Services (APS) Guru in 2024

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