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Ahmad Elgammal


Civil BIM Lead


Structural Engineer with 13 years’ experience in the BIM industry worked with different BIM and Design platforms. I had the privilege of working in different industries: power plants, space steel structures, hotels, ministries, precast buildings and research and development. Finished my MSc in Structural Engineering using Programming in 2018 and published 2 papers and spoke in several conferences about the power of automation in Engineering. I have always been a student of the AEC industry to follow the latest and implement the most efficient workflows.
I have implemented the vision of introducing programming to save time on repetitive and tedious tasks in Hassan Allam Construction ( as founder and Head of R&D unit in the BIM department. There I was awarded the “Most Time Saved Using Automation” award from Hassan Allam and Autodesk. Interviewed by Autodesk in behind the build in recognition of my efforts in introducing this vision in a big company as Hassan Allam Construction.
Currently, I am working as Civil BIM Lead in Group AMANA ( ) where I have the opportunity to implement the same concepts but this time linking the design and construction stages since both are done by the company.

 What to expect during the event

One thing is common, engineers use a lot of applications between design and BIM that if integrated together using API programming will produce very high accuracy and minimize time lost in rework. Engineers will have more time to concentrate on engineering rather than avoiding silly errors that happen due to tight deadlines and be able to do more complex models/details with more information that will help with different stages of BIM.

Using programming skills to work smart (Dynamo, VBA & Python)

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