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Adam Chernick

Amazon Web Services

Sr. Spatial Computing Solutions Architect


Adam is a Sr. Spatial Computing SA for AWS, focused on building AR/VR and Immersive prototypes. Adam previously lead an applied research team that focused on software development for emerging technologies at SHoP Architects, within the AEC/Real Estate space, working on project such as World Trade Center 3, The YouTube Headquarters, US Embassies, and Super Tall towers. He has designed, built and launched applications for immersive mediums and is a frequent speaker on the implications of emerging technologies at events and universities including MIT, Yale and Columbia. His applications have been nominated for awards, featured in museums, and written about in publications including The New York Times. Adam has year of related experience in BIM Management on large projects.

 What to expect during the event

In this presentation Adam will explore the current state of digital twins and immersive mediums within architecture, engineering and construction. Adam will pull anecdotes and examples from his years of BIM management and building digital twins for clients and customers around the world. He will speak to common blockers, benefits, drawbacks, and how to pick the right tool for the job. With technology quickly advancing and many tools available, it can be difficult to understand where to start. In a world with many solutions, it is important to pick the right one and not recreate the wheel if possible. Particular emphasis will be given to several emerging technologies including Building Information Models, 3D scanning, Simulation, IoT and Virtual Reality. Adam will survey some tools and resources that can allow companies to get up and running quickly, and discuss how to determine their suitability for specific initiatives.

Digital Twins and Immersive Mediums

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