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Abdelrahman Ahmed Abdelwhab

Niqat Global

BIM Specialist

Autodesk Certified Instructor and Professional, Structural Design Engineer and Master Researcher in Structural Engineering in Zagazig University in addition to I gave Training courses in Canadian International College in Egypt For two years and still Regarding engineering programs related to BIM and Autodesk

 What to expect during the event

- Introduction about Dynamo Revit - The general idea of ​​working on Dynamo - Its uses and how to carry out tasks through it -Comparison between the completion of projects through it or the usual methods -Modeling a project using a dynamo in less than 5 minutes

Using programming tools to get work done as quickly as possible under the BIM for Example (Dynamo Revit) , The accuracy of the output and the details under BIM

No upcoming events at the moment
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