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Abarna Krishnakumar


VDC Development Manager


Abarna is a Canadian working in the Unites States as a VDC Training Manager. She carries a passion for education and BIM collected from almost 10 years of work experience. Throughout her various roles at different firms, the two constants that she always encountered were BIM/VDC and fulfilling the informal educator role. She has gone through various forms of trial and error to educate team mates that were both in-person and virtual well before the pandemic introduced a widespread need for a virtual environment. After much trial and error, she has come to find the happy medium that works at her current firm. She will be sharing her findings and secret sauce so that other firms experiencing similar difficulties can benefit from her presentation.

 What to expect during the event

In a world where the work environment is increasingly hybrid and virtual, it's important to find ways to foster collaboration and engagement among employees. The problem that challenge-based learning addresses is the lack of engagement in learning and lack of collaboration in work. The solution to these problems is challenge-based learning, which involves providing students with a challenge to solve and having them collaborate to do so. When learners are given a goal to achieve and are required to work together in order to reach that goal, they learn more effectively because they are able to practice applying their knowledge in real-world situations. This type of learning helps students understand how what they are learning applies outside the classroom setting, which is important for students who wish to pursue careers in business or other fields where they will need to apply what they've learned on their own time.

Challenged-based learning in a Hybrid work Environment

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