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Òscar Selfa

CS Consulting

Engineering Technician


I am a technician. I don't exactly remember when I started developing projects in the way we enjoy so much, now referred to as BIM. Surely, I was doing it long before hearing those initials for the first time

 What to expect during the event

The presentation, "The Human Element in BIM Methodology," underscores the pivotal role individuals play within the BIM framework, crucially shaping its effectiveness. It highlights that without a model, BIM loses its essence.

Key highlights encompass an examination of global disparities in BIM approaches, elucidating cultural, structural, and operational variances influencing its implementation. Additionally, it navigates the evolving job landscape in the BIM domain, aligning industry demands with specific skill sets and qualifications.

The presentation delves into collective agreements, exploring their impact on BIM practices and professional engagements. It scrutinizes diverse professions engaged in BIM and their contributions based on qualifications.

Furthermore, it addresses the definition of BIM roles, delving into nuanced professional dynamics and considering ego prevalence within this framework.

This session aims to uncover the human aspect in BIM, revealing intricate interactions among individuals, roles, qualifications, and cultural contexts. It emphasizes that the human element is foundational for BIM's success and is essential within its realm.

Understanding individuals' pivotal role in shaping BIM's success. Global cultural disparities in BIM implementation. Analyzing industry demands and skill alignment. Exploring diverse BIM professions and role dynamics.

The Human Element in BIM Methodology

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