Virginia Senf


Chief Operating Officer


Virginia Senf, COO at UNIFI Virginia Senf if the COO at UNIFI Labs, the industry-leading BIM content management and analytics platform leveraged by 40,000 users from across the globe including HDR, Stantec, Kimley Horn, and Chick-fil-A.

 What to expect during the event

Time and time again, BIM leaders and designers discover the tools and technologies they need to solve major problems and optimize efficiency in their workflows. Unfortunately, their enthusiasm often fades due to the uphill and oftentimes exhausting battle required to secure the necessary budget to implement these technologies. Let’s face it; the person who understands the problems of the day-to-day BIM workflows best is not always the one with the authority to sign the dotted line and allocate budget.

In this talk, we will walk you through how to get your management team excited about investing in the tools you need to do your best job, while growing your internal influence in the process. Providing a firsthand executive perspective, UNIFI Labs COO Virginia Senf will arm BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators, designers, and beyond with the tips and tools they need to overcome the hurdles of securing budget and speak to management in terms they understand.

Virginia will cover:

- Tips for researching and staying abreast of the latest and greatest tools and technologies
- How to shortlist, evaluate, select and implement the best tools for your firm
- Identifying and clearly communicating the specific challenges a tool is solving, and the related business
outcomes it is affecting, in order to quantify its business impact/ROI and determine whether an
investment is worth it
- Advice for building a solid business case that ties your goals to your manager’s and the business’s
broader goals
- Real-life examples of how other BIM leads have successfully secured the budget for the tools they need

You’ll come away with an actionable framework for more effectively finding, securing, and implementing the tools you need to make you and your team better and more efficient today.

How to increase your influence and technology budget by talking to management in their language

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