Ulrich Hartmann

Oracle Construction and Engineering GBU

Product Manager BIM, CDE and Standardisation

In touch with BIM since my studies of civil engineering and computer science and keen on helping drive the digitization of the AEC industry. During my professional career I had the opportunity to actively take part in the development from different angles like AEC software development, scientific BIM research, academia, commercial product management, and standardization. As a product manager for our CDE since 2016 I've led the development of the German DIN SPEC 91391, and recently the BSI kitemark certification of the Oracle Aconex CDE which certifies conformity with ISO 19650, DIN SPEC 91391 and other standards.

 What to expect during the event

In the last few years, brilliant standards like the ISO 19650 series have been developed. They present the concepts of Building Information Management BIM in an abstract way. However, implementation in daily project practice also requires further concretization and details. How is information management used in everyday life and which technical aids are necessary to support it? Which functional requirements do these aids have to meet? What should interfaces look like for these tools to work together optimally?
This was the reason for the initiative to develop the DIN SPEC 91391 Common Data Environments (CDE) for BIM projects -
Function sets and open data exchange between platforms of different vendors. Part 1 deals with the components and function sets of a CDE. It is accompanied by an Excel file in which all CDE functions are summarized in a table. It can be used for CDE comparisons or for CDE tenders. Part 2 Open data exchange with Common Data Environments outlines the properties of CDE interfaces for better integration and collaboration in projects. All parts are available free to download in English and GermanThis work will be continued at the European level in a CEN working group with the aim of creating a standard for open CDE interfaces. The talk gives an overview of the DIN SPEC and at the same time aims to encourage people to get involved in standardization work on a European and international level.

- CDE in ISO 19650
- Modules and functional aspects of a CDE
- The role of CDEs in information management
- Quality criteria beyond the DIN SPEC 91391
- Open CDE interfaces to promote unhindered data exchange

What is a CDE? DIN SPEC (PAS) 91391 sets out criteria for users and vendors

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