Tanaka Tande

TN Zunzanyika Associates

Cost Manager and Project Manager


I’m Tanaka Tande, youngman aged 25 years, and based in Harare, Zimbabwe. I work as a consultant cost manager and construction project manager at a well-established infrastructure development consultancy firm called TN Zunzanyika Associates (www.tnzunzanyika.com) with 25 years’ experience. I started as an intern cost manager and project manager in 2017 and to date I have gained so much experience in undertaking projects of different nature and sizes. I graduated in 2019, with Bachelor Honours degree in Quantity Surveying (First Class) at the National University of Science and Technology, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I’m currently pursing to be a Chattered Project Manager and Quantity Surveyor through the Royal institute of Quantity Surveyors (RICS). I also intend to further develop my project management skills by being a Building Information Modelling (BIM) Manager and Project Management Professional (PMP). I’m very passionate about about sustainable infrastructure development especially in Africa, where most of the infrastructure in a very poor state. I would like to play a key role in development of the poor infrastructure in Africa, Zimbabwe in particular to be in similar to the state of infrastructure in developed countries. My carrier goal is to ensure that principles of sustainable development are upheld for every project that is undertaken. I strongly believe that application of knowledge through Building Information Modelling will enhance the achievement of sustainable development and ensuring value for money for every project.

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Cost managers play a significant role in the construction by ensuring that resources are used for the benefit of the society through financial management, contract administration and provision of cost consultancy services for a project to the relevant stakeholders. BIM digital technology provides an opportunity to cost managers to be more efficient and effective by improving the quality, accuracy, value and speed for their services through active live link between the design model and cost database especially during sustainable design development when various proposed design alternatives are being appraised through provision of quick feedback and corrective suggestion, thereby ensuring construction resources are used more economically. Through BIM, cost managers will have more time to share their expertise and knowledge with other project team members. Cost managers will have an opportunity to find out ways to achieve cost efficiency and waste reduction for a construction project through value engineering, carbon costing and life cycle costing. However, there has been slow adoption and exploitation of BIM by cost managers mostly in Africa due to lack of knowledge/awareness, lack of training of BIM software, initial the cost of the software and lack of information on the return on investment. The solution to these problems would be education to the cost managers advising them on the benefits of adoption of BIM and development of compulsory legislation to implement BIM on all future construction projects by all professionals to attain sustainable infrastructure development.

1. What role does a cost manager play in the construction industry?
2. What is sustainable development?
3. Relationship between BIM, sustainable development and cost management.
4. Barrier to BIM for cost managers.
5. Proposed solution to the barriers.

Cost Managers Contribution towards achievement of Sustainable Development through BIM

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