Steve Biver


Chief Operating Officer


Steve has a dual role as he works with the Eagle Point team leads to both guide operations as well as the strategic decisions and actions of the company. He joined the company in 2006 and has held a wide range of roles, including Support Engineer, Training Engineer, Technical Services Team Lead, Channel Partner Manager, Director of Sales & Marketing, Director of Solution Development, and COO. Over the years at Eagle Point, Steve has provided technical support, conducted customer software training and implementations, managed technical staff, created the partner channel, directed sales & marketing, and led product development. He now works closely to ensure the company is on track with its development roadmap, engages with large customers, and puts his strategic prowess to work by guiding the company’s overall direction.

Steve has a strong engineering background and has been in the AEC industry since 2003. He has spoken both domestically and abroad at many trade shows over the years, including at Autodesk University. He holds a Civil Engineering degree from Iowa State University.

 What to expect during the event

Between the rapid pace of digital transformation and increasing employee turnover, it’s never been more vital for AEC organisations to upskill their teams with targeted, effective training. But how can you justify pulling employees away from production work to spend time on training, and make the case to leadership that learning is worth the investment?

In this session, we’ll cover the importance of upskilling to attracting and retaining top talent, staying ahead of digital transformation, and reducing costly re-work and errors. Attendees will also learn the key elements that a successful learning strategy must include so that it can be or benefit to their organization and set it up for future success as technology advances.

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