Sonali Dhopte


Chief Strategy Officer

Architect and Interior Designer since 1993, Sonali has worked with the top architectural firms in the US and India. As Co-founder & Technical Director at Excelize (, Sonali overseer’s and guides the BIM technology team and manages project deliveries as per client requirements. Sonali is a strategic BIM and digital construction specialist with a strong passion for new technologies in the AECO industry. Sonali envisions technology as a powerful enabler for radical growth and transformation of the AECO industry worldwide. BIM will be the fulcrum for enforcement of advanced technologies, integration of data and analytics and more. I am committed to helping companies save time and money, achieve seamless execution, and enhance safety and sustainability in any construction project.

Industry leader and BIM evangelist for 17+ years, speaker at BIM conferences and seminars worldwide providing BIM thought leadership and mentoring to young BIM professionals.

By virtue of rich and diverse experiences at Excelize, Sonali has been evangelizing BIM at various national and international fora and mentoring young BIM professionals. Sonali enjoys speaking about the potential of BIM and has been actively participating in conferences, workshops & lectures since 2013 till date viz. BIG 5 Construct India, ILCC conferences, Smart Buildings Summit, Bentley Year in Infrastructure. She has also shared her knowledge with students of MIT Aurangabad & Pune, CEPT University – Ahmedabad and at several leading events in India, Dubai and Doha.

 What to expect during the event

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become an indispensable part of the AEC industry but remains a mystery to project stakeholders. Let’s take a look at the common myths, of BIM”

Myth 1: BIM is just a 3D Modeling Software

Truth: BIM is only about 3D modeling and enables users to visualize building design at the preconstruction stage. The data-rich 3D model facilitates a collaborative work process amongst all the staked holder of the project. Using the model before construction leads to the elimination of costly rework at later stages of construction.

Myth 2: BIM is difficult to implement

Truth: BIM is not difficult to implement, as proper training of resources can optimize the project workflow as per industry standards. Automated BIM models can speed up the design process and help in timely incorporation of changes.

Myth 3: No Long-term impact on productivity

Truth: People often have the misconception that BIM implementation takes a long time and hurts construction productivity. However, proper planning of BIM with the right resources pays off on the ROI due to increased efficiency.

Myth 4: BIM is only for BIG Project

Truth: BIM is commonly used for big projects. However, many AEC professionals are using BIM for small and medium-size projects. The technology improves design cost and saves time by estimating and analyzing project costs.

Myth 5: BIM provides benefits to only designers and contractors

Truth: BIM is beneficial to all the stakeholders involved in a project by giving an overview of the project progress at all stages.

Defining the real meaning of myth

Clarifying the misconceptions of the myths

benefits hidden in every myth

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