Shadaab Sayyed

Punch Consulting Engineers

Precast Detailing Engineer


About me, I'm a graduate civil engineer.
I'm current working with Punch Consulting Engineers as a Precast Engineer and my role involves but isn't limited to working on precast projects and with automation of project execution as well. This is a relatively new role for me so I'm still in the learning phase. My past experience involves working with Scandinavian and UK based clients for the design of precast structures.

During my college years I've worked on a number of research projects, have filed a patent in Mumbai Patent office, have multiple citations to my research publications and many reads to my bachelor's thesis on BIM for town planning. I've been a guest author at India BIM association and a free time blogger at my blog I do have a good following on YouTube for the bunch of boring videos about my difficulties in finding solutions.

 What to expect during the event

Knowing the purpose of your actions on a BIM model is important. How is outcome of your efforts, is it being used by a human or a machine for production?

What is the purpose of this drawing, do I actually need to spent that much time on this drawing when it's mostly automatic? It is where you need to think about quality, fitness for purpose and use. Not everyone needs a rolls Royce, even an economical vehicle gets the work done!

When you don't know the implications of your actions you tend to mess up the system, there's instances where models won't match the drawings because people end up stretching lengths on the drawing, the PXML, etc. Just doesn't matches what's on the drawing. This is one of the mistakes people of make. The talk is more about purpose and the application of quality principles

- Purposeful mindset for BIM projects.
- Enhanced team collaboration.
- Reduction in non value add.
- Application of quality principles.
- Learning from mistakes.

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