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My name is Sébastien Roux and I am a Partner at Limsen Consulting and the head of BIM and VDC in the company. I have been working in different roles since 2013 when I first started working with BIM. In 2019, together with FIlipe Lima, we decided to open LIMSEN, a BIM consultancy service provider. While many designers have already embraced modeling with different authoring softwares, the fact that BIM is not managed by any independent party representing the owner is many times the reason why all the BIM effort ends up in the trash. We strongly believe and have gained evidence over the last years running our operation that a well designed and coordinated scope will bring savings in both time and money to the owners. Since the start of the company, we have been implementing and managing BIM in different organizations and projects. Recently we have been awarded some major developments and we would like to share our experience on those projects as well as to share some of our technical expertise with a growing BIM coordinators community and also learn with other professional’s experiences in this field.

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In recent years, many owners have gained awareness of BIM advantages and their potential savings in both time and money. Fidelidade is the leading market insurer in Portugal and has acquired, through Fidelidade Property Europe, a large plot of land in central Lisbon which is bound to host a mixed-use (offices, retail and housing) 250.000 sq.m. GBA development over the next 6 years. Rockbuilding, the Project Manager, was responsible for setting the technical due diligence and this included ambitious BIM requirements for the design, construction and operation phases. Limsen was appointed as the BIM Manager for the development and its scope encompasses defining BIM uses and requirements; developing with the task teams a BIM Execution Plan (BEP); defining coordination goals; reviewing and checking the models and their clashes and communicating them back to the task teams to review their models; managing the models update during construction works and auditing the information handover to the Asset Management applications. By contracting BIM for this development, the Owner is aiming at improving efficiency and reducing construction costs and waste and gradually improving their maintenance. These goals are being pursued using BIM workflows specifically for: Design Authoring and Review, 3D Coordination, Quantification, and Record Modeling. For the implementation of this collaborative process Limsen has been using 2 platforms: Plannerly for BIM Management and BIM 360 Docs for Collaboration, Information Management and Design Review. As the development is composed of 5 different parcels corresponding to 5 different projects each with an average of 10 different teams, the big challenge is to coordinate the flow of information between companies with different levels of BIM Implementation. 

- BIM requirements
- BIM challenges
- Set up clear BIM Uses / Goals
- Keep track of coordination changes
- Manage BIM Design teams

Managing a 310.000 sq.m. Mixed-use Development with BIM

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