Ryan Holmes

Tent Engineering

BIM Manager


I have over 20 years of experience working as a structural drafter for established consultancies, globally. Previous responsibilities involved interpreting and communicating intricate, technical information, supervising resources and mentoring less experienced staff whilst streamlining internal processes for small to large teams.

I am now the Digital Delivery Manager, and BIM Advocate for Tent Engineering, a structural and civil engineering practice who creates intelligent designs through innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions. A main focus for me is to identify new technologies to complement our skill set, in order to deliver successful solutions, and to unlock new potential within our delivery with optimised efficiency and automation.

 What to expect during the event

During my presentation I will communicate my approach to the role as a BIM advocate, and the importance and benefits of staying at the forefront of digital delivery, automation, and innovation. Addressing the necessity for uniform workflow processes, which regulates a fixed method of working whilst improving the standard skillset of team members. The reduction of repetitive tasks not only improves output and quality, but also reduces risk for errors and increases staff well-being.

I’ll further discuss the need for a central collaborative information hub (Common Data Environment) that’s used for sharing information across the whole design team, both internally and externally. Allowing all disciplines to have seamless integration and compatibility with full oversight, while admin tasks, time and errors are cut down.

I’ll showcase how we use the information hub to convey complex project matters whilst using automatic and intelligent built-in features to create an environment of key focus across all disciplines. This improves early detection of design issues and coordinates communication across all team members.

Tent is using several simple and user-friendly products which champion our ethos. Using said products facilitates real time communication when design changes are being made, and involves the whole team, creating an improved sense of ownership across all levels.

Our internal motto “Going slow to go fast” is further explained to clarify it’s true meaning, and how we adopt this in our daily work. In-line with ‘working smarter, not harder’, BIM Delivery is at the core of achieving our goals. As well as key aspect ‘Uniformity’ (a downfall to many larger organisations) needs to be addressed at early stages. Templates, workflows, streamlined processes and clarity for staff is key to achieve true uniformity across the board. At Tent we have made this a core objective, and I’ll show you our approach.

The aim of my presentation is to explain how to minimise disjointed communication, abortive work and lead successful outcomes from inception to completion. Overall, working to achieve maximum quality and project accuracy, whilst identifying and growing the potential of Tent staff. I hope to change a culture of working hard, to achieve greater overall potential from a motivated team that works smart.

• Working smarter, no harder.
• Benefits of a common data environment.
• The need for uniformity across output.
• Getting the best out of new products.
• Investing time in team members at the early stage to reap the benefits later.

Streamlining workflow processes for efficiency and effect output.

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