Robyn Rooschuz

Digital Guerrilla

Digital Information Specialist


Robyn is a Digital Information Specialist with over 15 years’ industry experience within Structures, BIM and Information Management. She spent two of those years in Christchurch, New Zealand after the 2011 earthquake.

The last four years of her career Robyn has been fully immersed in BIM taking on the BIM Coordinator/Information Manager role on projects. Robyn is experienced in development of BIM documentation, model coordination /clash detection and Information Management with a special interest in COBie and a passion in working with project teams to meet their project requirements, through training, support and collaboration.

Robyn has completed the BIM Management MSc course through Middlesex University, attaining a Distinction on completion in 2018.

 What to expect during the event

What COBie wants
COBie! The word no one wants to hear… but it’s not going anywhere. In fact COBie requirements on projects are becoming more prevalent as clients are becoming more aware of what they want and need for their built assets during the O&M stage.
As Information Managers, we are finding some Task Teams are still struggling with meeting these requirements. This course intends to go through the COBie process, giving an overview of what COBie wants in terms of:
- Understanding what the client wants and how they are planning to use it
- The importance of reviewing AIRs, making sure that what the client is requesting is in line with what they are planning to use the information for.
- Providing the correct structure of information
- Understanding the importance of the structured schema and what data fields are linked
- Validating deliverables
- The importance of checking your own work, and what Information Managers will be checking
- Tools, tips and tricks to make the process more efficient

- Understanding client requirements
- Providing correct structure of information
- Validating Deliverables
- Tools, tips and tricks

What COBie wants

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