Riccardo Pagani


Founder & CEO


 What to expect during the event

How many times have you heard of BIM for Facility Management without ever seeing something actually done? BIM implementation for FM is the last piece of revolution in the AEC world. During the management phase for Asset, for Property, for Facility Managers, the aim is to monitor time and cost related to services. For Real Estate, the challenge is to provide easy information access for professionals in the sector and for those who have to make economic decisions about the assets.

Therefore, it is necessary to start the real-estate assets digitization using BIM as updated maintenance information system. What are FM services? As per the definition itself, these are services to buildings, spaces and people. What is the tool? A cloud platform integrated with IoT database, for monitoring environmental performance and a ticket management system to coordinate maintenance activities. During the presentation we will see digital dashboards that will ease monitoring performance, SLA about KPIs, like a dashboard of a car that allows monitor of performance, safety and comfort of the building over time. This approach has an economic impact since the smart management of services and related data will allow Real Estate Managers to increase and improve their real-estate portfolio management activities. The information around the asset will make possible to manage 70% of the building cost. Thanks to the use of BIM, as the only integrated database with dynamic data such as IoT and monitoring of maintenance activities, it will be possible to make decisions based on statistical data attributable to digital twin systems and components, reducing time for ROI. Designing the life cycle aims to maintain energy performances designed upstream of intervention over time. The only way to support sustainable architecture over time, by assessing location, exposure and the impact on the surrounding environment, is through monitoring. The aim is to reduce energy consumption, focusing on the overall performance of the enclosure and high energy efficiency mechanical devices. This approach enhances a wise design resulting from the collaboration of all interested stakeholders, to achieve high-performance levels over time.

Data Analysis for Predictive Maintenance

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