Pritymoy Ganguly

Intelligent Consulting Engineers & Builders Pvt. Ltd.

Business Development Manager - BIM


I am extremely good at one thing. And that's helping AEC firms by providing them solutions using BIM technology. My passion about BIM can be traced back to my pre-professional days when I was working an Internship as a part of my final year training in a Ship Building company for Indian Navy Ships. I have been into this ever since. The reason? I always feel that construction itself can be organised and executed in better way rather than running into unprecedented situation which can't be predicted earlier with the technologies that we have in hand. I have been able to develop and implement BIM process in three well renowned firms so far.

Outside of the office I’m committed to my lovely wife and my parents. I love to cook and play chess. If you challenge me with Avengers series, I will win.

 What to expect during the event

You may have noticed that Mark Zuckerberg intends Facebook to become a Metaverse Firm. Epic Games, developer of the Unreal Engine, said it has closed a $1 billion round of fundraising to support the metaverse's long-term objective. The term "metaverse" is very popular in the computer world. Why is it important for AEC, and how can designers play an important part in the digital economy?

What is Metaverse?
Films like "Ready Player One" and "Matrix" may give you a sense of what life in the metaverse would be like, where everything we can conceive might exist and we can link to the metaverse at any moment to extend our actual lives with amazing experiences.

Superpowers using metaverse?
Every key items in our everyday work—3D models, discussions, media, data visualisation, project management, webapps—is brought into a shared physical area where we may interact with them with our hands in the metaverse. It's a new headquarters that grants every employee "superpowers" which is accessible from anywhere on the planet. Instant 3D massing, asset manipulation, and even interfacing with architectural layers and BIM data on a virtual clipboard are just a few examples of these superpowers

Revit, SketchUp, BIM360, and other design software are being integrated into the metaverse:
The practical benefits of Metaverse are remote collaboration, prototyping, BIM Coordination, Finishing and Presentation. You may quickly experience a number of iterations with your hands, conserving materials and getting to final versions faster, from site planning to architectural modifications.

1. Think Like a (Software)Developer
2. Procedural Content Generation(PCG)
3. Design with Artificial Intelligence
4. Bridge Between the Physical and Virtual World
5. Business Model Change: From Consultant to Content Creator


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