Pierre Venter


BIM Lead

Pierre is an architect, with 30 years’ experience, graduating from the University of KwaZulu
Natal, Durban, South Africa. He has experience in many project types. The engagement
with BIM started in 2003 and has been integral with every aspect of professional Practice.
He has had opportunities to travel and gain rewarding international experience. BIM
development and training, engaging with groups of great people. Presently with Fexillon, an
experienced Asset Solutions company out of Dublin, as the UK BIM Lead.
This role is different from experience, comparing with design and construction stages, and
the needs of Owner/Operators. Assets are the development of previous efforts. Assets are
the long-haul, compared with Design & construction.
Early engagement with the role-players, Integration of BIM, collaboration and coordinated
actions, can ensure a solid future. A goal of the design is to leave a product that benefits us all.

 What to expect during the event

The focus of strategic planning is that the other speakers bring immense value with their
experience. The key is around planning and making it count. The most powerful concept is
to approach everything with the End in mind. It benefits from a clear vision of the needs and the product at the end. Its that thing in-between that really benefits from the planning.
Some words about my colleagues, is the range of contribution they make to the industry
collective wealth.
Clive, is breaking ground with tools that bring life to documentation, opening engagement
with all parties and creating that transparency essential to develop trust. Neil, has many
caps and equal experience, these all benefit the digitisation and development of the AEC
industry. Nigel, has experience and his current engagements ensure many parties are
getting cracking good support, strategy and application.
There is a popular quote on the “failing to plan is planning to fail”, a genuinely the planning
needs to engage the broadest set of experience and skills with good leadership to get an
optimal solution. From the first “baby-steps”, in the project to the end, some 70 years down-
the line; a contribution by people.
I’m involved in Asset Management Solutions, traditionally the orphan-child; but requiring a
maturity in the current times. Sustainability, disabling technologies, off-site & modular
construction, design optimisation and creating spaces that work for people, all relevant and
important challenges.
We approach projects with an early engagement ideal, to lead and guide the
Owner/Operator to provide the Design team with the needs for the end in mind. Engaging
with the Construction process to create incremental data delivery, and data available to
make better decisions at the right time. The Digital Handover need not be mad flurry, rather
a planned process for all.

- We need to work together.
- Data understanding is critical to any success.
- Asset management benefits from good design and collaboration.
- Move the boundaries, we made them.
- Meet with peers regularly, talk about experiences.

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