Peter Bo Olsen


Consultant and Founder

I am an independent consultant at InformationManagement4U and an expert in information management according to the ISO 19650 standards. I have for more than 10 years worked with information management and digitization with BIM on construction projects in both Denmark and internationally. Based on this, am I co-author of the book A practical guide to BIM in building and construction projects, October 2016, and white papers on the value of digital practice and information management on construction projects e.g.: Information management on construction and infrastructure projects according to the EN ISO 19650 standards, February 2020.

I am a specialist in information management. From 2015, I have been a professional expert in the European BIM standardization in the Danish Standards S-808 committee (BIM) and CEN/TC 442, with a focus on ISO 19650 and good digital practice with openBIM. Today I work with organizations and companies and support the digital transformation of the construction industry. I advise in relation to the European and Danish standards for information management regarding. buildings and facilities, including how the 19650 standards are best linked to the existing information management and practice with BIM in the company.

In the autumn of 2021, I presented the key elements of information management in accordance with the 19650 standards at webinars for the Danish Standards, Molio and the construction industry organizations in Denmark. This is to strengthen a common Danish approach to the implementation and further development of the 19650 standards in the Danish building and construction industry.

 What to expect during the event

I have seen that a digital transformation in a construction company can today be carried out without considering the ISO 19650 standards. It will simply be a digital conversion that will cost the company more in the short and long term than the alternative with the inclusion of the ISO 19650 standards:

I. I’ll talk about how we can support and strength the existing best practice with information management in the company by using 19650 as both a development framework and a guiding star.

II. Starting by evaluating the digital practice in construction projects with a focus on utilizing the value of the international ISO 19650 standards in relation to the information management in the individual company and its projects.

III. Thus, requirements regarding information management can become business opportunities and development opportunities by being able to take advantage of the fact that efficient information management in accordance with the ISO 19650 standards can increasingly be supported by standard software.

IV. We can all contribute to the development of a common practice of efficient cooperation with Better Information Management, by at least gathering our experience with the common information management on our projects, and then do one or more of the following 3 things:

1. Share the experiences with the other parties in our information management
2. Use the experience in national and international work with the 19650 standards
3. Tell about the experiences with the information management and the use of openBIM in the buildingSMART Awards.

• The reduced risk of navigating according to common standards and insights
• The value of a top management - driven development of the company's information
• The opportunities in information management in accordance with the 19650-
• The value of being user of standard software supporting the 19650-standards
• The value of gathering and sharing information management practices.

ISO 19650 can support information management best practice

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