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As an educator, my focus is on creating a rich learning environment for students. Technology is constantly changing and shaping the way we interact with the world and each other. In the my work, I focus on novel uses of hardware and software technologies in the Built Environment space. This includes AR, VR, 3D printing and Machine Learning Technologies. Within the Department of the Built Environment, our vision is to develop the skills and insight that will inform the next generation of technological, social and business innovation in the sector.

 What to expect during the event

Artificial Intelligence is relatively commonplace within the construction sector now. We see commercially available applications such as Generative Design and Object Recognition being deployed by a number of application providers. It is clear that artificial intelligence in its many forms has the ability or potential to dramatically increase productivity and the accuracy of construction data. Many of the concepts behind artificial intelligence are relatively easy to grasp, often having their origins within the natural world. The aim of this presentation is to introduce some of the most common AI algorithms and their usage; Genetic Algorithms, Computer Vision, and Autonomous Navigation.

From a conceptual standpoint Genetic Algorithms are relatively easy to understand. Genetic algorithms aim to find an optimal solution to a particular problem through an Iterative process, similar to natural selection.

Computer Vision does not necessarily involve AI applications. There are many instances of computer vision deployments that require no more than a rudimentary analysis of pixels. That said. many of the applications that we now use involve object recognition and other AI implementations.

Autonomous navigation applications typically rely on computer vision and location technologies. Algorithms for object detection, classification, and tracking combined with mapping and collision avoidance are often deployed into a single solution.

Attendees of this presentation will develop a better understanding of the technologies that we will become reliant upon in the coming years.

- Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Construction.
- Concepts of AI.
- Introduction to common AI algorithms.
- Computer Vision and AI Frameworks.
- Code Examples

Artificial Intelligence

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