Pat Carolan


Chartered Engineer and Standards Officer


Pat Carolan is a Chartered Engineer and Standards Officer in the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI). Prior to commencing his current position last year Pat spent a number of years working in the Local Authority delivering large road and housing projects.
Pat holds an honours degree in Structural Engineering and is currently secretariat to a number of technical committees, including NSAI/TC 068, the national committee for BIM which delivered the Irish National Annex to I.S. EN ISO 19650-2:2018 .

 What to expect during the event

The presentation will provide an overview of the work of NSAI in supporting standards with a particular focus on the work of the National BIM Committee, NSAI/TC 068.
It will highlight the existing standards relevant to the BIM industry, the standardisation process and how to get involved along with the certification process for I.S. EN ISO 19650-2:2018 currently being offered by NSAI.

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