Paolo Modenese

Camilion Consulting and Development S.L.

Revit API Lead Developer (.NET)


Paolo is an Italian-Ecuadorian Architect with a limitless curiosity and a great passion for automation.
As head of the Revit API dev team at Camilion, he's always on the lookout for new opportunities to automate workflows in the AEC industry.

After completing a technical degree in construction in northern Italy, Paolo moved to his motherland, Ecuador, where he studied architecture and developed an interest in construction methodologies and the intricacies of construction jargon of Ecuadorean laborers (most of them of Quechua ethnicity). Two years after working in various construction sites (including a 6-month experience in the Amazon jungle building a school complex), Paolo published a construction manual: Manual de Obra, a construction guide for Ecuador (

Following this experience, Paolo took off in his motorbike and travelled South America for a year, learning about the different peoples of America. From pristine Caribbean coasts of Colombia to the silent Bolivian highlands of Lake Titicaca, many new experiences filled his days and nights till his soul was satiated and yearned some stability.

In 2017 he left his bike, La Negrita, in Brazil and returned to Italy to seek new challenges in the AEC world. Paolo started working for Maffeis Engineering and discovered the amazing world of automation, Dynamo, Grashopper and dove into this world without hesitation.

In 2019, motivated by the Spanish summers and the open culture, Paolo discovered and fell in love with Barcelona, where he discovered and was discovered by Camilion Consulting and Development. At Camilion, Paolo’s been developing plugins and other software solutions, focusing mainly in the Revit API and .NET.

 What to expect during the event

This presentation will cover the basics of creating Revit plugins in C#.

This presentation assumes no prior knowledge of programming and it’s focused for people curious about the process required to produce a fully functional plugin, including a custom Tab, panel and button.

We’ll cover the minimal tools required and a brief explanation of the Revit API and .NET technology. After this we’ll see how you have to setup the minimal code and run a basic task such as selecting an element and returning some information about it.

Finally, we’ll take a look at the intricacies of developing for different versions of Revit, debugging and maintaining your code.

To end the presentation, I’d like to invite the attendees to download the free plugins we offer at Camilion that are very useful for many tasks (

- What tools are required to make a Revit plugin
- How to create a custom tab, panel and button
- How to debug your code
- Understanding build and compile process
- Different directories in your file system where you can install your plugins

Creating your first Revit plugin in C#

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