Olivier Lepinoy


Global Business Development


Olivier Lepinoy belongs to the Autodesk Business Development team for the AEC industry.
He is an expert in strategies to help firms pivot and grow new businesses. Olivier took part in multiple platform initiatives for the largest firms worldwide. He now focuses his effort on helping AEC companies explore and build new business models.
Before joining Autodesk, Olivier worked in Architecture, for VINCI, for Accenture, and for IBM. He is one of the co-authors of two acclaimed books about Innovation in Construction.
Olivier is the founder of HYPER Construction, an independent think tank that tries to describe the future of the construction industry, not from a Technology standpoint but a Business Model standpoint. At Autodesk, Olivier created a global program called the “Arc of Transformation” to manage strategic initiatives between Autodesk and its clients. He is the inventor of a framework to investigate the future of the industry: Originators – Providers – Aggregators – Controllers – Consumers.
Olivier Lepinoy holds two Master’s Degrees: in Civil Engineering and in Earthquake Engineering. He is also a licensed architect and an urban designer.

 What to expect during the event

This session will cover the unprecedented strategic initiatives from AECO firms to modernize and transform their businesses, emerging data-driven hybrid players, and embrace business model innovation within the industry. Digital transformation is more important than ever. Data and analytics change how architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms operate. But some changes are invisible to the eye: transformation of business models. Around the world, AECO companies are locked in a battle for growth. Facing intensifying competition, many struggle to understand the wide variety of trade-offs clients, third parties and final users are willing to make, the forces impacting their decisions, the possibilities offered by digital platforms, and the opportunities provided by new business models. To avoid commoditization, leading companies are moving fast to adopt digital platforms to run their business. They add new services to their existing portfolio and they build new partnerships. We see the emergence of new roles (chief data officer, chief digital officer, chief transformation officer, chief analytics officer, chief partnership officer), new activities (that focus on data capture and usage), and new tools (to make business decisions and develop insights based on data). As a consequence, entirely new ecosystems are emerging: the originators, the Providers, the Aggregators, the Controllers, and the Consumers. This might be the end of the AECO industry as we knew it. We will explore in more detail the various aspects of this new Construction 4.0 scene.

• Learn about how large incumbent AECO players diversify their current business models through
digital platforms.
• Discover a shape to the future state of the industry (Originators, Providers, Aggregators,
Controllers, Consumers).
• Learn about the emergence of new data-driven companies in AECO, how they are building their
own platforms and how they sell new services to their ecosystems.
• Discover what leading AECO organizations do to re-invent their ways of working: new
organizations, new capabilities, new roles, new partnerships…
• Learn how to create strategies for organizations to become more data driven.

Digital Platforms, New Business Models: An Invisible Revolution in AECO

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