Niknaz Aftahi


CEO & Co-founder


Niknaz is the CEO and co-founder of aec+tech, an all-in-one innovation platform and community connecting AEC/O (Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Operations) professionals with the latest tools and technologies. Prior to launching aec+tech Niknaz practiced architecture in the bay area, California, both as a design professional as well as a design technologist. Niknaz is a member of AIA San Francisco design technology committee, and has also been developing curriculum and teaching architecture courses online to Bahai students in Iran who continue to be deprived of access to universities in their own country.

 What to expect during the event

In this presentation I am going to talk about some of the technology trends that I see in the AEC space, and how firms are using them in their practice. Looking into the future of AEC profession, the software and hardware tools practitioners use in their workflow are undoubtedly going to change over the coming years. I will talk about some of the challenges, and some of the success stories of those who are testing and adopting new technologies, in various size firms, for various types of projects, and in different parts of the world.

- Technology trends in the AEC space
- Some of the challenges AEC firms face while adopting new tools in their workflow
- Discoverability of new AEC tools & technologies: aec+tech’s proposed solution
- Some of the most important things we, as an industry, should learn about technology
- Some of the best uses of digital construction technologies in the past two years

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