Nikki Webber


Business Development Manager


Nikki Webber works in Business Development for VU.CITY. Having spent 5 years with a leading global property superbrand, Savills, Nikki’s move into Proptech brought with it her passion about places, and the innovative solutions making cities and buildings smarter. She now focuses on helping professionals in the built environment use 3D visualisation to better understand their proposals in the full context of our towns & cities, and prepare for the digitisation of planning.

 What to expect during the event

Nikki will share the importance of digitisation in planning and the power of VU.CITY’s 3D cities in helping lead to better design and planning decisions, faster than ever before.

VU.CITY is a game-changing collaborative platform that combines digital twins of our cities with tools and data to support its users in creating, refining, and sharing the journey of city transformation to create the best possible city for all.

Used across the Ireland and United Kingdon’s public and private sector, VU.CITY helps built environment professionals understand impacts in seconds and discover how we can get more from what we already have.

Architects use VU.CITY to test and review their 3D design in accurate city-wide context. Developers use the platform to find and review opportunities and to look at potential density around a site. Planners and Consultants use VU.CITY as an evidence based tool to assess feasibility and more. Councils and planning bodies use VU.CITY to analyse proposed schemes and to assist with informing their local plans.

The VU.CITY Platform covers over 230 sq km of Dublin, including Cherrywood and Blanchardstown, to 15cm accuracy. It covers a further 22 UK and international towns and cities, with bespoke 3D models to support customers with residential, brownfield, university and masterplan schemes.

This presentation will further explore the role of 3D technology in increasing development certainty by providing a framework to facilitate greater citizen involvement and speed up planning through shared visual experience.

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1. The importance of digitisation to improve design and planning decisions
2. How VU.CITY’s functionality is used to make better design and planning decisions, faster
3. The role geolocated data visualised on macro scale
4. How visualisation supports community engagement
5. VU.CITY Dublin live demonstration

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