Nigel Davies

Evolve Consultancy


Nigel is founding director of Evolve and has 20+ years’ extensive experience within the AEC industry. He has unique insight and first-hand understanding of cutting-edge design and construction data production and exchange practices.

Trained originally in civil and structural engineering, Nigel appreciates the need for reality-based solutions to aid the project design process. He has accrued invaluable experience in information management and delivery through his work for notable projects including the Millennium Dome (O2 Arena), BBC Broadcasting Centre redevelopment, Thames Tideway Tunnels and HS2.

Nigel regularly presents to major conferences in the US/UK and features in industry press.

 What to expect during the event

What is the difference between BIM Coordination and Information Management?

What actions are expected of us?

How can we better explain the requirements of ISO 19650 to our teams (who frankly don’t care)?

The answer to these questions and more can be found by attending this straightforward, no-nonsense session. Nigel Davies, Director with Evolve Consultancy, presents a look at the state of the industry beyond the cutting edge, highlighting real problems faced by real people on real projects. The session will concentrate on the expectations of ISO 19650, and in particular the Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) and the BIM Execution Plan (BEP). Nigel will talk about his experiences from both the client and delivery team perspectives, and with actual examples of actual EIRs and BEPs will explain what works and what doesn’t for successful Information Management.

…and don’t be afraid to have your say. Time permitting, this session will include open discussion about your experiences too.

- Understand the development of BIM and its transformation into information management
- Translate key terms into everyday project language
- Clarify, through examples, the benefits of a clear EIR
- Demonstrate how a BEP can be used to better respond to those requirements
- Develop a useful Responsibility Matrix

Practical BIM: Confessions of an Information Manager

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