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Nicholas Nisbet trained as an architect and has spent 46 years on developing and consulting on BIM and automated compliance. He worked for EdCaad, the Edinburgh University research group that pioneered CAD in the housing design sector, and GMW Partnership where he innovated in the area of visualisation of architectural designs based on production information. His specialities include the implementation of BIM processes in architecture, engineering, construction and owner/occupation of buildings. He works as an independent consultant for governments, near-government bodies and companies worldwide looking at business and information improvement in the built environment.

• Elected Fellow Royal Society of Arts
• Awarded Fellow, buildingSMART
• COBie co-author
• BS1192 author, BS1192 part 4 author, PAS1192 Part 6 joint author
• ISO12911 author, ISO19650-4 author
• ‘Business case for BIM’ 2009 for UK Department for Business, co-author
• Initiator of the RASE methodology and Require1 application for compliance checking

 What to expect during the event

BIM matters, not only because it is more efficient, more testable and more collaborative, but especially because it is more ethical. This talk will look at the role of ethics in information and sustainability, and how we can rebalance (Building) Information Management with (Building) Requirements Management. We need to include the requirements that are provided by clients, by standards, by society, and by the future. Both the built environment and its digital twin must be testable against a dynamic suite of values. The value statements must be writable by us, and they must be readable by our computers. We will conclude by examining RASE as the methodology that allows us to do this.

- The ethics of BIM and information sustainability
- Systems engineering with a small s.
- Digital triplets and robots
- The importance of Requirements,, Regulations and Recommendations
- Reading and writing requirements for people and for computers

Rebalancing BIM

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