Nathan C. Wood

Construction Progress Coalition

Executive Director


Nathan C. Wood is the Executive Director of Construction Progress Coalition (CPC), a grassroots non-profit initiative to educate AEC professionals about the need for open interoperability standards between project delivery stakeholders. Nathan’s experience with Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Lean process improvement, and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) has led him to realize how even proven technology solutions can result in lost ROI when the needs of people and process are not addressed. As Executive Director of the Construction Progress Coalition (, Nathan balances a passion for data insights and interoperability with stakeholder empathy and to produce pragmatic strategy for digital standards adoption in design and construction. When not fighting for open standards, Nathan also supports the people and process transformation as Chief Enabling Officer of SpectrumAEC. Nathan continues to support industry progress through speaking engagements, research publications, and workshop facilitation.

 What to expect during the event

The question is not if technology will improve data interoperability between architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) stakeholders. Rather, will the AEC industry align their people and process in a way that best utilizes the current capabilities of technology?

At the end of the day, digital transformation cannot be driven by a single person or company. Digital supply chains are only as strong as their weakest link, especially in construction. A single resistor to the transformation initiative can force the entire project team to resort back to old habits of attaching “dead” files to email.

These are the ‘shared pains’ that bring us together. Collaboration challenges compounded by conflicting contract incentives. Innovators from other industries tell us to “fail fast!” in an industry that doesn’t allow for failure. Even when contract barriers are removed (or ignored), there remains the natural human resistance to change. Plus, taking on additional risk can not only threaten financial ruin, it can also threaten worker safety.

Things are changing quickly. But at the end of the day, one thing remains fixed: we need a safe and reliable way to share information in real-time. How do we balance the flexibility to work in external project systems while protecting sensitive data from leaving our internal systems? That’s the dilemma we're here to solve.

Enter: a common data exchange, or CDX. It’s not a software or a standard. It’s a communication tool utilized between construction project delivery stakeholders and their technology solution providers, together with the regulators of industry process and data.

- What are the root causes preventing digital workflow adoption in AEC?
- What is the role of a Common Data Exchange (CDX) framework to communicate the individual, contract, and data standard conditions that led to case study success or failure?
- How does the CDX framework compliment existing industry standards (eg - ISO 19650)?

Building Digital Literacy between AEC Stakeholders using the Common Data Exchange (CDX) Framework

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