Narciso Lopez Guerrero


BIM Manager

Narciso joined Kilnbridge in 2020 and brings with him a strong background in BIM, information management and CAD from a career spanning more than 25 years. His project experience includes a number of heritage assets, and modelling within a variety of construction disciplines including concrete and steelwork.
Passionate about BIM, Narciso is an open-minded and self-motivated technician who thrives on challenging projects and is constantly looking to learn and broaden his experience. He adapts easily to new situations and responsibilities, has excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills, and will bring a high level of commitment to each project he works on.
Narciso was recently accredited with ISO 19650 TIM Practitioner BRE certification.

 What to expect during the event

I led a BIM Essentials webinar a few weeks ago in my company for many of my colleagues. One of the questions was: why is there so much resistance to adopting BIM? Well, the many benefits of BIM have been widely demonstrated. Going through all of them is not the purpose of this talk, but I will mention that it is the main tool in construction to meet the net-zero targets in the future. However, many people are still against its implementation.

Therefore, this article is addressed to all this people, to those who are still reluctant to adopt BIM or are not yet convinced. Maybe I can help to convince some of you to leave your comfort zone through my own story.

I felt inspired by some of the last year summit talks, such as the BIM Hero story and Paul Doherty's talk, so I am not going to sell any product or leading any training or guidance about anything. I will talk about my own experience through the evolution of my job from the hand drawing at school to the BIM Management now, and why evolution is the main reason to adopt BIM, as I usually say... to BIM the knee.

- The evolution in BIM.
- The resistance in adopting BIM.
- Leaving the comfort zone and do not be afraid to move forward and discover where the magic happens.
- Adopting BIM.

Digital Competency - Run alongside the Evolution

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