Nadim Abbas

BIM Integration Lead


Nadim shares his life with BIM research/implementation, family, Photography, and poetry. He is BIM integration lead having 14 years of Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) experience. He is working for a design consultancy in Dubai for BIM implementation on a large-scale infrastructure project.
Being curious about BIM, he holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Technical BIM Management and also certification in BIM information management. Moreover, he is a Bentley Accredited Road Designer and has extensive knowledge of BIM tools such as Civil 3D, OpenRoads, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Navisworks manage, Bentley Navigator, BIM360, and ProjectWise.
Since 2008 he has gone through several phases in his professional career, starting from the grassroots level of CAD works to leading a team to implement the BIM with the most advanced BIM tools.
He loves to educate the people about BIM around him. Contemplating this, he started a YouTube channel dedicated to BIM education called "Lean BIM with Nadim". It took years to realize that BIM is not just a 3D model or specific software; it could mean different things to different people.

 What to expect during the event

The following topics will be discussed during the event:
• Why is BIM adoption slow?
• How can BIM maximize the organization's profitability?
• How does BIM benefit the individual level?
• How do you educate the BIM modelers about Common data environment(CDE), Information containers, CDE workflow, Shared Resources, Libraries and many more?
• How to ensure the produced information will be useful for the end-user?

How the BIM professional could help beginners/newbies (Starters)

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