Mostafa Elashmawy


Senior BIM & GIS Manager

Mostafa Elashmawy is Senior BIM & GIS Manager at WSP Middle East, working for Project Management Services Business Unit providing Digital Delivery Management for some of the most significant construction projects in the Middle East.
Mostafa graduated as a Civil/Structural engineer and worked as a coordinator for other disciplines. He has in-depth knowledge of Architectural, Landscape, and MEP works, which helped him work as a global BIM Manager. He worked at many of the most significant construction projects in the Middle East during the last ten years delivering, coordinating, and managing BIM, GIS, CAD deliverables.
Mostafa has a Master’s Degree in Global BIM Management and is certified by many respectful information management organisations. He also has a deep academic knowledge of International Standards, Methods, and Procedures related to Information Management. He uses his knowledge and experience to implement BIM and provide digitisation strategies for his organisation and clients.
Mostafa has an excellent voluntary record as he leads and contributes to many regional and international initiatives related to the development of Data Management and Digitization of the AEC industry. With a focus on the Middle East and Arabic community, Mostafa tries to influence the Digital Construction market positively.

 What to expect during the event

In this session, I’ll be explaining the evolution of common data environments through the years. What’s the difference between the common data Environment as per PAS 1192 & ISO 19650? How to set up your process and what are the main aspects to consider while setting your common data environment?

- What actually a Common Data Environment(CDE) is.
- The difference between Common Data Environment and Electronic Data Management System(EDMS)
- CDE as per PAS 1192
- CDE as per ISO 19650
- Setup your CDE process

Common Data Environment (CDE) – The Process

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