Mohamed S. Hemdan

Kabbani Construction Group

VDC Head


Mohamed Samir is a VDC Head at Kabbani Construction Group in Cairo, Egypt.
He began working in the AEC industry in 2011. He received his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tanta University in 2011.
Mohamed Holds an MBA degree from Autonomous University of Barcelona, and a diploma in Crisis Management from Missouri State University.
During the past decade his work has focused upon developing construction projects by utilizing of latest VDC technologies with successful record of development across mega projects as well as leading implementation of dynamic processes to leverage power of collaboration between project stockholders.

His work over the past 4 years can be summarized as covering the following subjects:
• Digital Transformation
• Virtual Design and Construction – VDC
• Scan to BIM
• Research and Development

 What to expect during the event

The subject of my presentation is Scan to BIM for Infrastructure and Heritage Projects.

By the end of this talk you will be familiar with Scan to BIM workflow within different types of projects, illustrating how the process works and what benefits it can bring.

I will start of by explaining the Basic Concepts and workflow of Scan to BIM.

After that, I’ll go on to Benefits and Challenges of Scan to BIM.

Finally, I’ll show some examples of the use of Scan to BIM in actual projects.

- What is ‘Scan to BIM,' and how does it work?
- What are the benefits of adopting Scan to BIM?
- What are the barriers of adopting Scan to BIM?
- And how it can be utilized in infrastructure projects?
- And how it can be utilized in heritage projects?

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