Mohamed Fawzy


BIM Manager


A BIM expert engineer with mechanical background who has about 12 years of extensive experience by using wide range of software and conducting training & courses in Arabic & English language. I had the luck to have different experiences as my career was divided, first working as a BIM consultant with Autodesk main distributor in Egypt Kemet Corporation then working with a contractor company and currently working with one of the biggest consultant firms in Egypt which is Shaker Consultancy group. During this journey, I were in some project at the head office and in some projects our BIM unit was located in the site as we did during the construction of Le Louvre museum and Warner brother theme park at Abu Dhabi or during KAPSARC project which is a research center at Riyadh in KSA. So having very good experience in how to make BIM implementation & adjusting the work flow and creating standards and libraries for engineering companies. Working as BIM manager in mega projects across the Middle East some of them reached LOD 600 with different clients leads to a good knowledge of different approaches for both Consultant & Contractor requirements.

I have participated as a speaker in a number of events & seminars like BIM Summit Egypt two times and the Big 5 construct two times and number of events while working as BIM consultant with Autodesk.

I participated in preparing fresh graduated engineers to be ready for the work market during some academies. I am Certified instructor since 2009 and as I am certified professional in Revit since 2015 as this is was the first year Autodesk published certificate for MEP and at this year I was attending Autodesk University at Las Vegas.

 What to expect during the event

BIM is not using a new software; it is applying a new system that depends on talented and well-trained human resources and establishing a workflow that follows the correct standards in order to have a healthy BIM system implemented in any company.

There are many challenges those days that make it a must to apply BIM in the projects and implement it in the different types of engineering companies.

Some of the reasons why we shall move on to the BIM are: The wild competition in the construction market, the economical changes that are happening all over the world, the untraditional design of the new projects, the open market across the world which leads to the existence of the Owner, consultant & contractor in different countries and also the direction of some government to use BIM by issuing new rules and standards to follow.

No one said that applying BIM is easy and will not facing any obstacles, but it is logic that there will be some challenges that any company should be ready for in order to achieve the required success.

BIM has several benefits during all the projects phases from the concept stage to the design and for sure in the construction process going to the operation stage. This means that applying BIM is valuable for all the project parties (Owner, Consultant & Contractor). Each one of the parties shall get the benefits of BIM when they implement it correctly and deliver it properly to the next party in the project life cycle.

- What is BIM?
- Why BIM is very required?
- Challenges facing implementing BIM
- BIM benefits from Owner perspective.
- BIM benefits from Consultant perspective.
- BIM benefits from Contractor perspective.

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