Michael Freiert

Pope Architects

BIM Manager


Michael Freiert has many hobbies, had a few professions, and believes in cross discipline creativity. He has worked in ACAD since R12, Revit since 6.1, and has been influenced in his design and work philosophy by working with things as varied as Legos, wood, audio engineering, machining, sewing,cooking, explosives and gardening. He likes to use the most apt, if not the most conventional tool for a task. He's been working primarily in BIM Management roles for almost 20 years with a healthy stint as a BIM mercenary.

 What to expect during the event

021 was an interesting year to say the least. As an industry, we were forced to deal with an inability to visit project sites, and I learned about keeping chickens. At Pope Architects, to deal with travel restrictions, we began making use of Augmented Reality headsets to virtually visit jobsites and minimize exposure risks while maximizing on site presence. Testing that solution led to some new workflows that use AR tools to generate reality capture data sets to use in both design and construction administration. As we developed those workflows, the software that led us to the AR tools integrated features to support those workflows. It also meant that I needed some ways to test data and workflows in ways that weren't necessarily "live" projects.
Over the course of the spring of 2021, I built a chicken coop in the yard. That required permit drawings, and for some 3D modeling on a small but moderately complex site. This afforded me the opportunity to slow down and actually play with beta software and experimental workflows. It also gave me some data sets that I could test reality capture with and then revisit. Developments from the coop project also gave me actionable features and processes to bring back to the office, and information to present back to the software developers for new features and process improvements. And you'll get to meet some fluffy chickens.

- Understand the benefits of Augmented Reality on Construction sites.
- How AR can improve design understanding for existing spaces and remodel.
- Learn how to extract 3D data from a hololens for use in Revit.
- Learn some basic chicken keeping.
- Learn some ways to remember to have fun while working with BIM.

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