Mia Dibe

3D Repo

Implementation Manager

Architect by background, Mia is the Product and Implementation expert at 3D Repo, helping customers implement the technology while providing support to their businesses. Passionate about design technology, products and innovations for the built environment, she has previously worked in BIM positions for major capital projects in NY, LA and Paris and is currently a committee member at the UK & Ireland chapter of the BuildingSMART International initiative. Mia was selected as MIT Innovator Under 35 by MIT Technology Review with her MSc thesis in smart cities & urban analytics from The Bartlett, UCL.

 What to expect during the event

Getting your data in from various applications is great, but what if you need to use it somewhere else?

Even with the power of APIs and their growing popularity in AEC, many of us are still not extracting as much value as we’d like from the data we possess because it is not integrated nor used properly. As a result, data silos are created which defy the flexibility and collaboration promised in BIM-based mandates. On top of this, some of us still have difficulties ironing wrinkles out to master the knowledge and practice of BIM and open standards. Additionally, not everyone in this industry is a digital expert and the eternal battle to keep up with knowledge can feel intimidating for some. Yet, we’re connected everyday like never before through apps, devices, files, purchases and are constantly exposed to new products or bombarded by digital tools. To keep up with the current digital age in which customers or clients demand the best experience and bespoke interaction with technology, start capitalising on APIs and drive usage and adoption to gain scale.

Tune in to discover how we can democratise the use of APIs in AEC as a starting point to create new value streams through specific use cases and how they are enablers of an improved BIM collaboration.

1. APIs in action and best practice demonstrations of effective data access from multiple applications in a construction project and multichannel project delivery
2. What AEC professionals really want from the APIs, and their benefits in targeting solutions to meet specific expectations
3. Treating APIs as a strategic business product to turn data into significant asset throughout whole product/project lifecycle
4. How to unleash greater data flow in new ways to scale up or down at a manageable expense
5. Harnessing API capabilities to integrate more easily and deliver products, projects and capabilities faster than ever

How to eradicate siloed data through the use of APIs

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