Menno De Jonge

NEOM Company

Director Digital Delivery


As a Director Digital Delivery for NEOM Company, Menno is leading NEOM to its position as a leading client in digital design and delivery in the international construction industry. With over 30 years of experience within the European construction industry, and in construction technology, Menno brings perspectives from both sides of the technology spectrum. Menno has been responsible for IT implementations in the area of CAD, BIM, Lean Construction, Data and Document Management, PLM, ERP, HRM, Asset Management and more, and has been highly active in international industry standards bodies, such as ENCORD and buildingSMART International.

 What to expect during the event

There is an urgent need to transform the way we shape our built environment, we need to build fast, modular, and green. With sustainability as a founding principle, NEOM will reshape the construction industry, creating a blueprint for planning, designing and, ultimately, building the communities of the future. At the same time NEOM is an opportunity of unprecedented scope for sustainable living, technological innovation, and human progress.
NEOM is taking a leading role in the digital transformation of the international construction industry, by defining and implementing the state-of-the-art digital, Industrialized Construction, Sustainable and Circular technologies. We are building the present while we are creating the future. We “make it before we make it.” In other words: we build digitally first before we build physically. After a brief introduction to NEOM Company, the vision of the Design & Construction sector in NEOM will be discussed, including examples of using digital technologies in real projects.

• There is an urgent need to transform the way we shape our built environment towards into using Fast,
Modular and Green construction processes
• The Digital Master and Digital Twin delivers unprecedented value to the AEC industry
• The power of Data and use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is hugely underestimated
• We tend to talk about Technology a lot, however the most complexity in Digital Transformations lies in
digitizing processes and changing the behaviour of people (training, change management)
• Working together is the only way to succeed (get rid of the silos).

“NEOM, changing the way we create our built environment: Fast, Modular, Green”

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