Megha Nagendra Weels


Technical Director for Information Management


Coming from a Creative Arts and Digital Design background, Megha has an innovative approach to problem solving and natural ability to achieve high standards. Having proactively spent over a decade dedicated to forward thinking & innovation Megha has been integral to the adoption of efficient digital methodologies development within businesses and projects she has worked with. Megha’s experience so far affirms her ability to have a structured approach to technical & operational management of the Digital Delivery Process.

Within Sweco as the Technical Director for Information Management Megha has a record of accomplishment transforming project delivery through the effective introduction of Information Management and Digital Delivery strategies within the Alliance Project Teams on large scale frameworks.

Most recently, having identified the key information management needs across the Alliance Project Teams for the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme, Megha currently is the Programme Lead for British Antarctic Survey Digital Estates Delivery Group.

Megha also currently champions several initiatives:
- Workstream lead for Asset Data Delivery in the clients Digital Estates Delivery Working Group (DEDWG).

- Part of the team establishing the clients & Sweco’s intelligent Common Data Environment (CDE) an all-in-
one Data Management System (DMS), Data Federation tool and Data Analytics tool.

- Championing the development of a Digital Delivery specific Learning Management System (LMS). The
purpose of this initiative is to build consistency in both the understanding and implementation of digital
delivery processes within a unique matrix organisation across the Client Framework Partnership.

 What to expect during the event

Better Information Management is driving an evolution in the construction sector. It forms the foundation to the future Digital Twins that will revolutionise the way we interact and work with data on a societal basis. Smart City Digital Twins will be built up by federating smaller DTs of buildings, energy, utility and transport networks. Smart City DTs will also become the backbone of the Metaverse. However, the question remains; where are the “inception” points to these complex interconnected networks of information we aspire to achieve?

This presentation will share some methodologies and project examples from Sweco on how better Information Management supports the automated production of individual digital twins of complex assets (e.g. buildings), how to connect these to DTs of city infrastructure and how this enables more efficient city wide processes, such as urban planning and mobility.

We will use a simple prototype to demonstrate the journey from the point of inception to where structured data is developed into a digital twin, also showing where exceptional insights are gained in monitoring and decision-making for any given process.

We will also discuss how these federated digital twins will enable organisations to use each other’s data to generate significant new value, how the use of Blockchain technology means that the flow of data can be both trusted and traced, so that the value can be spread throughout the data supply chain, creating the data market that is essential to the Metaverse.

Full Life-cycle Digital Twins - BIM, the Metaverse and Everything

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